Three months ago we were hit with the tragic news of the death of musician Amy Winehouse. Based on her history of drug abuse it was assumed that that would be the cause of death, no matter how much family and friends insisted that she was clean. It turns out they were right, it was revealed today that Amy Winehouse’s official cause of death was accidental alcohol Poisoning.

The initial autopsy was inconclusive but showed no drugs in her system. It has now been revealed that there was in fact a great deal of alcohol in her system, approximately 5 times the legal limit. According to sources close to the singer, she had resumed drinking only a day prior to her death after spending three weeks sober.

We’re still incredibly sorry to hear that Amy Winehouse passed away at such a young age but her family is now able to have some closure knowing exactly how it happened. We wish the best to everyone who was close to her.