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Maybe this guy is serious about making things work with Kim Kardashian? Yesterday morning (October 31) Kim filed for divroce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. Upon hearing the news, the press immediately went to Humphries for a comment. It turns out that he was just as blind sided as the rest of us and planned to do anything to make it work.

Kim has already jetted off to Austrelia since dropping this bomb. Kris on the other hand, who has gotten a lot of slack over the past few weeks for his hard partying ways during the lockout, has cancelled a hosting gig this weekend in Vegas! Sources say that Humphries is heartbroken over Kim’s decision and if this party animal is willing to pass up his own big event at the Chateau Night Club in Vegas, maybe we believe him? What do you think about Kris’s party cancellation, is he actually sorry? Let us know on twitter!