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Just six hours after the recent announcement of his divorce Ashton Kutcher is back to work on the set of ‘Two and a Half Men’. Just a little while ago Kutcher sat down with Women’s Health magazine and gave a small interview in which he was asked about relationships.

Kutcher, 33, was asked about the best relationships advice he’d ever recieved. He responded with, “I think it’s all about working on the relationship and making it better… when it’s good. Don’t wait for a problem to work on things.” He continued, “The goal is not to get into  relationship, the goal is to be in a relationship.” Kutcher stopped short mid-sentence with, “I could never be with a woman who…” When asked to finish the sentence he ended with, “Wow, that’s tough. I could never be with a woman who felt like she needed to change me.”

He added finally, ” I would just like a woman someday, somewhere, at some point in my life to say to me, ‘You’re a great listener’. Haven’t heard it yet, and that’s a superior compliment to get from a woman. But I’m going to work on it.”

Kutcher graces the cover of Men’s Health in its December Issue.

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