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Even though he has moved onto the production of his new sitcom Anger Management, set to air on FX, Charlie Sheen can’t seem to get Two and a Half Men off his mind.

“I don’t think it should go on past this year,” Sheen told journalists at this year’s National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference in Miami. “I just think that people are there because there’s nowhere else to go. Yet.”

And could he perhaps be hinting towards moving onto his new show instead? While Sheen claims he does not want to harp on it, he does think his former co-stars have been doing well on the show in spite of questionable scripts.

“Hats off to [Ashton Kutcher] for doing the best job that he can,” Sheen noted. “I don’t think that he’s working with the best writing because [Lorre is] doing too many shows. He and [Jon Cryer] and [Angus T. Jones] deserve better material.”

What do you think of Sheen’s statement?! Do you think Ashton has done a great job on the show, or would you rather say buh-bye to the Men? Lets us know on Twitter!

Reporting done by Eva Z.