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Last week, we saw a 10 second clip of a Ferris Bueller themed Super Bowl commercial starring Matthew Broderick. The full commercial was just released (you can watch it above) and we are totally diggin all the references to one of the best 80’s comedies of all time.

One thing is a bit curious though, why did they leak a Super Bowl commercial before the big game? The point of watching the Super Bowl is to see the great commercials that are put together for this one event! Rumor has it there is football going on as well, but more importantly, why tune in to the game if you can watch all of the great commercials on-line a week before they air on TV?

Check out the commercial above and let us know in the comments or on twitter what you think of it and whether you think other companies will follow suit and start releasing their commercials early as well!

-Reporting By Ashley H.