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Last night’s Grammy Awards did not disappoint when it came to performances. Some were much more bizarre than others, choosing to create quite a story with their performance (we’re lookin at you Nicki Minaj), while singers like Adele stuck to signature simple performances of heart-wrenching vocals. Katy Perry, who has been very quiet on the topic of her divorce seemed to take the opportunity to finally tell us how she feels about Russell with a fiery performance of her new song. Taylor Swift kept things light by adorably shoving her success in the faces of everyone that every told her no.

We were also so excited to see a reunion of the Beach Boys, whose songs put even the biggest grinch in a happy mood. Finally there was the stage melting performance from David Guetta, Deadmau5, Chris Brown, The Foo Fighters, and Lil Wayne to turn the Grammy’s into a rave.

So now the question is… which one was your favorite?? Vote above and feel free to drop a comment on why a performance stole your heart!